Monday, 31 October 2011

we could have had it all

Hey all,

I am still alive, just snowed under with schoolwork and trying to keep my relationships (and my sanity) intact through the snowshitstorm. I will write soon when things get better.

Last night instead of doing my assignments, I got tipsy on champagne in a bar, and went tenpin bowling afterwards. Then we drove out to a game arcade and bruised ourselves silly in the dodgem cars. It was extremely fun, and the perfect spontaneous date. Not to mention a perfect evening of bleedingly obvious procrastination.

Please excuse the unwashed hair, and wrinkly facial expression. I chose a ten minute sleep-in over a shampoo and condition in the shower this morning.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

would you have my baby

Hey kids,

Just woke up and it is nearly midday. What a slob! Evidently I have turned into a teenager again with the amount of sleep I have been needing (and having) lately.

So I have another day off today as the school holidays continue, and I have already caught up on sleep (tick) and made the coffee (tick). This morning I have decided that my kitchen will be functioning as my very own little cafe, and this morning the menu includes scrambled eggs and French vanilla coffee, with a side of fashion magazines and the morning's paper. Delightful.

Today I am excited because I am looking into volunteering at my local animal shelter, something I have been thinking about for quite some time. So today, some more research. Soon, an inquiry.

I think I need a haircut of sorts.