Wednesday, 5 October 2011

would you have my baby

Hey kids,

Just woke up and it is nearly midday. What a slob! Evidently I have turned into a teenager again with the amount of sleep I have been needing (and having) lately.

So I have another day off today as the school holidays continue, and I have already caught up on sleep (tick) and made the coffee (tick). This morning I have decided that my kitchen will be functioning as my very own little cafe, and this morning the menu includes scrambled eggs and French vanilla coffee, with a side of fashion magazines and the morning's paper. Delightful.

Today I am excited because I am looking into volunteering at my local animal shelter, something I have been thinking about for quite some time. So today, some more research. Soon, an inquiry.

I think I need a haircut of sorts.


Melon said...

Jang! I got an email informing me someone commented on your blog, so I checked it out and its nice to have some updates on you! The holidays sound awesome! Also that you are enjoying the simple things in life, always important. It's really inspiring that you're pursuing your dreams of helping animals, I always feel like a bit of a sell out in that way, maybe I should go find some volunteering too. Also I'm thinking of taking a zoo visit when the weather gets nice again so maybe see you there? Take care :) x Mang

Fifi said...


I am so happy to hear from you :D

Take a zoo visit and I'll give you a sausage. You'll love it.