Tuesday, 22 March 2011

i know it's been coming for some time

Hey guys,

Just a baby blog entry today as I am about to make some lunch, a cup of tea, and drive to school. I have a lot of homework that I haven't done but I am having a lot of trouble focusing. I get distracted very easily.

Oh, hey little Toto! Jumping up on my leg while I am trying to read stuff on my computer! Oh, you are so cute, you want to play with your stuffed animal? You look hungry, I'll get you some food! What's that, you want to lie in bed and watch five back-to-back episodes of "Grey's Anatomy"? All right, we can do that if we really must.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

it feels so empty without me

Why hello there,

I am back from a relaxing weekend at the beach with my boyfriend, his brother, and his cousin. Delightfully testosterone-filled, a lot of wrestling, beer, and barbequed meat. We even had a high-stakes poker game.

It was pretty much exactly what I needed. I love to swim in the ocean when I can, even though it was really grey, bleak weather and I was shivering before we even got in the water. And the ocean appeared to have vomited up every last sprig of seaweed just to deposit it on this particular beach. Seaweed really freaks me out, and when I got in the shower later that day I found little bits of it everywhere. Everywhere. Not a single orifice or body cavity was spared. That's right, I said orifice.

The following photographs are from Thursday night when I got my drink on with my friends (well, my sexy siblings and future sister-in-law...keeping it in the family). Pregamers at my house were ultra-fun, and I got happily sloppily drunk on vodka cranberries and smoked outside, but then I had a massive fight with a certain someone (the biggest fight we have ever had) as soon as we arrived in the city, so my night was unfortunately cut kind of short. I even drunkenly ran out onto the road and nearly got hit by a car! What a dickhead.

Anyway. We made up, didn't break up, had a happy time at the coast and now I am sitting here with my little dog on my lap (I think she missed her mama), eating some yoghurt and contemplating the mountain of homework I have due in the next week. Oh noes!

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

come as you are

Hey hoes and bros,

I have a day off today, so naturally instead of studying I have spent the morning trying on clothes, playing with my dog, having a leisurely shower (cleansing and exfoliating today!), eating breakfast (baked eggs with chorizo sausage), drinking delicious mocha in a cafe with my friendsies, and browsing through various items in the music store. Awesome.

I have no discipline whatsoever.

I purchased this dress at the music store today- it's from the 90's, and I reckon it's actually pretty sick.

Now I am going to drive to my parents' house and pick up a rusty old bicycle that I plan to polish up like new. And maybe eat some more. Have a good afternoon everyone!

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

imagine none of this is real

Hi fellow bloggers,

I do apologise as this is only going to be a short blog entry, as I am awaiting the arrival of my man friend, and when he comes we will be too busy eating ice cream and watching "The Sopranos" to even think about anything else.

Lately I have been super busy, what with school, and working in the bar, and walking my dog, and drinking strawberry protein shakes and such. All is going well in my world so far, almost too well. I was just thinking how lucky I feel the other day!
I have the best man friend in the whole world, the cutest dog in the world (and her ringworm has nearly cleared up, so I won't have to rub cream into her scabby ear anymore, and I can, like, put her in my handbag and shit), I get to play with fluffy rabbits and guinea pigs for class, and my living situation at the moment is awesome.

And also I purchased some new boots that I am a bit in love with. I have resorted to op-shopping for clothing now, and I look a bit homeless and unkempt because I am super poor...had no food for almost a week, and was happily eating this pumpkin and cashew dip out of the fridge, and then I peeled back the remainder of the foil and found a thick layer of bright blue mould. That's when you know you're poor. But you know what? I'm rocking the homeless look like nobody's business!

I will leave you with some quick photographs of my hairy child and my equally hairy brother. And me. And my new boots. Oh hi, boots! Nice of you to say hello!

Apologies for lack of fancypants editing on the photographs. There is ice cream to be had.

Friday, 4 March 2011

like it's her birthday

Hello pretties,

I am just hanging out at home with my hyperactive chihuahua Toto and my supercool third-degree sunburn (only on my legs! What the hell?). Why didn't anyone tell me that sunburn behind the knees is so painful? I might have thought twice about wearing my shorty-shorts on a farm excursion.

So right now I'm limping around, am going to make some lunch and a cup of chamomile tea, have a read  of my Biology textbook.

What I really want to do is put a little dress on, put on my new boots and get down and dirty. I mean, it is agony even to bend my knees right now but I'm sure a couple of vodka Redbulls would dull the pain. And dancing. Maybe I will bribe some friends to come out with me and get loose.

Moodwise, I feel pretty happy today. It's really nice and sunny, I'm seeing my man friend tonight (and we have just booked a holiday for Fiji in June, which I am looking forward to), wearing my zebra-print jumpsuit, and am going to put bright orange pieces through my hair- slightly immature, I know, but I don't really give a shit.

My camera is being so blurry and I have completely forgotten how to focus because I haven't used it in so long. I guess I will have to polish up my skillz.

Anyway, catch you later. I'm going to go chicken schnitzel it up for my lunch.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

sleeping is giving in so lift those heavy eyelids

Hi everyone,

So I have been a total nutbag lately. I can't control my moods, ye olde faithful meds don't appear to be working, and I am having crazy-ass nightmares (if I can get to sleep at all). But you know what? I am just going to pretend that I'm not going nuts and get on with it. No point dwelling, hey champs?

I have been having all sorts of fun lately, interdispersed with a lot of hard work.
The good: going out dancing and having beer fights with my friends, playing with rabbits and guinea pigs for my classes at school, going for long walks with my brand new puppy, hanging with my boyfriend,  listening to music, watching "Grey's Anatomy," talking to my housemates, dressing up and getting loose.
The bad: cleaning up after my toilet-challenged dog, crying at the drop of a hat, losing my keys, crying because I lost my keys.
The ugly: working a totally exhausting bar job and coming home cranky. Also rubbing ointment into my dog's scabby ringwormed-up ear. Totally gross.

The picture below depicts Toto, also featuring me wearing trackpants and dirty unbrushed hair. Toto enjoys romantic candlelit dinners, long walks on the beach, jazz music, and crapping on the floor. We have a surprising amount in common.