Tuesday, 22 March 2011

i know it's been coming for some time

Hey guys,

Just a baby blog entry today as I am about to make some lunch, a cup of tea, and drive to school. I have a lot of homework that I haven't done but I am having a lot of trouble focusing. I get distracted very easily.

Oh, hey little Toto! Jumping up on my leg while I am trying to read stuff on my computer! Oh, you are so cute, you want to play with your stuffed animal? You look hungry, I'll get you some food! What's that, you want to lie in bed and watch five back-to-back episodes of "Grey's Anatomy"? All right, we can do that if we really must.


cathy. said...

Awwww Toto is so adorable.


Corazón de Maniquí said...

Hi darling!
Thanks for your coment! your dog is soo cuteeee!
Have a nice weekend! :)