Tuesday, 15 March 2011

imagine none of this is real

Hi fellow bloggers,

I do apologise as this is only going to be a short blog entry, as I am awaiting the arrival of my man friend, and when he comes we will be too busy eating ice cream and watching "The Sopranos" to even think about anything else.

Lately I have been super busy, what with school, and working in the bar, and walking my dog, and drinking strawberry protein shakes and such. All is going well in my world so far, almost too well. I was just thinking how lucky I feel the other day!
I have the best man friend in the whole world, the cutest dog in the world (and her ringworm has nearly cleared up, so I won't have to rub cream into her scabby ear anymore, and I can, like, put her in my handbag and shit), I get to play with fluffy rabbits and guinea pigs for class, and my living situation at the moment is awesome.

And also I purchased some new boots that I am a bit in love with. I have resorted to op-shopping for clothing now, and I look a bit homeless and unkempt because I am super poor...had no food for almost a week, and was happily eating this pumpkin and cashew dip out of the fridge, and then I peeled back the remainder of the foil and found a thick layer of bright blue mould. That's when you know you're poor. But you know what? I'm rocking the homeless look like nobody's business!

I will leave you with some quick photographs of my hairy child and my equally hairy brother. And me. And my new boots. Oh hi, boots! Nice of you to say hello!

Apologies for lack of fancypants editing on the photographs. There is ice cream to be had.

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