Wednesday, 16 March 2011

come as you are

Hey hoes and bros,

I have a day off today, so naturally instead of studying I have spent the morning trying on clothes, playing with my dog, having a leisurely shower (cleansing and exfoliating today!), eating breakfast (baked eggs with chorizo sausage), drinking delicious mocha in a cafe with my friendsies, and browsing through various items in the music store. Awesome.

I have no discipline whatsoever.

I purchased this dress at the music store today- it's from the 90's, and I reckon it's actually pretty sick.

Now I am going to drive to my parents' house and pick up a rusty old bicycle that I plan to polish up like new. And maybe eat some more. Have a good afternoon everyone!


cathy. said...

I have to agree, that dress is incredible!


Rachel said...

I always use my days off to do things less prudent than homework! Oh well, life is for living, not homeworking. (That dress is adorable!)

Fifi said...

Thanks for the comments on the dress guys xx