Wednesday, 2 March 2011

sleeping is giving in so lift those heavy eyelids

Hi everyone,

So I have been a total nutbag lately. I can't control my moods, ye olde faithful meds don't appear to be working, and I am having crazy-ass nightmares (if I can get to sleep at all). But you know what? I am just going to pretend that I'm not going nuts and get on with it. No point dwelling, hey champs?

I have been having all sorts of fun lately, interdispersed with a lot of hard work.
The good: going out dancing and having beer fights with my friends, playing with rabbits and guinea pigs for my classes at school, going for long walks with my brand new puppy, hanging with my boyfriend,  listening to music, watching "Grey's Anatomy," talking to my housemates, dressing up and getting loose.
The bad: cleaning up after my toilet-challenged dog, crying at the drop of a hat, losing my keys, crying because I lost my keys.
The ugly: working a totally exhausting bar job and coming home cranky. Also rubbing ointment into my dog's scabby ringwormed-up ear. Totally gross.

The picture below depicts Toto, also featuring me wearing trackpants and dirty unbrushed hair. Toto enjoys romantic candlelit dinners, long walks on the beach, jazz music, and crapping on the floor. We have a surprising amount in common.

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