Friday, 5 November 2010

like a roll of thunder chasing the wind

Hello there,

Today I had a quiet day; I baked banana muffins and made some fresh coffee with my little sister, whose photographic skills I have enlisted to bring you a (somewhat narcissistic, but current) photo of me, as it has been a while and I wanted to bring this shit up to date. Besides, she's only fourteen and really talented- expect more of her stuff to crop up on this blog, if all goes well. It's crazy- when I was fourteen I was wasting energy punching walls and sulking in my faux-fur beanbag. This girl has smarts.

Lately I have been loving spending way too much time with someone who makes my world turn (he doesn't know it though), Sunday drinks at small bars with friends, listening to acoustic pub music, reading magazines, going to cocktail bars with candles.

It has been a quiet week, as I succumbed to an illness which involved a lot of sweating and body temperatures that weren't in sync with my outside environment. Eventually I went along to the doctor, an experience which I hate, who stuck a thermometer in my ear and printed out a medical certificate. Thanks, doc. I surely will indulge in some bed rest and lots of fluids.

So I attended an information session for my Animal Technology Diploma that I plan on doing next year, and it was quite interesting. The employment prospects at the end of the two years are primarily research-based, but it looks like there are some interesting parts of the course I can get excited about (in the second year, they let you breed your own rat babies, and then raise said babies- I didn't have the guts to ask what they do with them at the end of the experiment though. Mine would be smuggled out for a nice rat vacation if it were anything bad though).

I feel like my life is going to change soon. Although I always say that at the end of the year.

Talk to you later.


Rachel said...

My mom took a psychology class in college that used rats for an experiment. They were going to kill the rats when they were done, but she and this football player saved them. There's this great picture of the two of them with rats sitting on their shoulders (I think the jock had one on his head).

Fifi said...

I raised mouse babies once when the pet store sold us a pregnant one by accident. They are so cute!