Monday, 29 March 2010

do you want to have a slumber party in my basement

Hello sweet bloggers,

It appears that I am back on the happy wagon, at least temporarily. This is directly related to the fact that I took a risk on the weekend, and asked out someone who I have fancied for a while now. I don't quite know the outcome of my risk-taking yet (as there are some factors influencing the decision, it's kind of weird, maybe best not to ask), but I feel good that I tried. In fact, it probably won't work out. Fingers crossed, because this person is lovely and gorgeous. But I will be okay whatever happens.

Even if sometimes the things I do just end with me falling on my face, I figure that at least I won't have regrets for the things that I didn't try. Also, I will have a big bank of funny stuff for when I have kiddies, and I can tell them stories, and they will think that I am just as awesome as they originally suspected based on my chic but interesting dress sense and quick wit.

So. This good mood may or may not last very long depending on a certain someone, but for now I'm running around the house with bare feet, feeling too jumpy to eat anything substantial, and will laugh at anything. I am high on life. And in light of my special mood, I even painted my nails a sweet glittery eggshell colour, and took a photograph of them for you.

How lovely.

Saturday, 27 March 2010

my best judgement signed its resignation

Good morning bloggers, or afternoon, although I have only been awake for an hour,

It was Friday night last night, a night of celebrations and forgetting that I have to crawl back into the office in a couple of days time. As per usual I went out dancing with friends and it was a lot of fun. We did shots at the bar, I wore ridiculously high stillettos with heels as thin as pins (I nearly broke my ankle about six times last night), we tore up the dance floor, we walked around, and I somewhat reconciled things with the previously mentioned bouncer at the pub (even helping with pub security by wriggling into the little guard platform to stand next to him. I'm so annoying).

I woke up this morning bleary eyed and dry-mouthed, with two of my stinky male friends plus my twin brother in his less than hygienic bedroom (I'm talking empty tuna cans, and tobacco trodden into the carpet), but at least I had a place to stay. I have been known to stay out until the buses start running again in the morning to avoid the ludicrous cab fare back to my house.

The picture below depicts me, taken about five minutes ago. Behind me, stuck to the wall, is a piece of paper with all my uni readings on it. I am approximately five weeks behind on this schedule. I have approximately seven hours until I have to dress up, get out to the city and repeat last night all over again. The race is on. Wish me luck.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

gravitating towards a taste

I am exhausted and sick, again! This blog is becoming nothing more than a list of my various symptoms and illnesses, which is not exactly what I envisioned when I launched a blog. Sorry everyone! I'll pipe down about my need for sleep, the sudden clogging of my nostrils and perpetual dopey state due to a cloudy head. Too many cold and flu tablets perhaps?

I spent Tuesday night happily at dinner with some male companions (again at the favourite restaurant), had some tofu ramen, then headed to my favourite Irish pub. I threw back some vodka sodas, carelessly disregarding the telltale signs of an impending viral infection, and we went driving for a little while, and I landed myself in bed. The next morning I awoke, stumbled to the shower, got dressed, and decided somewhere between eating my morning bagel and taking my daily vitamins that I would not be going to work that day. So I went back to bed and slept, all day long.

I trudged to work today, and no-one wanted to come near me in case I was contagious, and then I came home and had a fight with my parents (I got a tad overly emotional and upset due to lack of sleep and general lack of wellbeing), and now I'm here, fuming and slightly sick to my stomach, in front of ye olde laptop.

Apologies for "nothing" entry and arrogant look in photographs. I think that's just how my face rolls.

Monday, 22 March 2010

she'll bartend your party

Things were good for a little while and now they have become decidedly mediocre again. I hate it when things become ordinary, as opposed to exciting and hopeful. My coping strategies when things don't go how I planned is:

(1) Eat something small that I enjoy. Too much or too unhealthy just means that I panic about nutritional value, but just enough can take the edge off a bad day. Usually I resort to a glass of Milo with skim milk, or I like to have these little crackers with goats cheese on them, or just then I made a bit of porridge with sliced banana and rice milk. Or, you know, getting massively drunk and doing something embarrassing. Like how I semi hit on the (shall we say) slightly older bouncer at my favourite pub on the weekend, and now I can never return. Ever. Sorry, friends. I know it was our favourite haunt since we reached the legal drinking age, but we'll have to find somewhere else now!

(2) Read a lot of celebrity magazines and look at pictures on the internet to try and project myself away from my current situation and feelings. I am obsessed with magazines (voyeuristic tendencies here...perhaps that is why I have turned to blogging?) and can hunch over the kitchen table and read for hours.

(3) Watch my favourite DVD series for hours, again with the escapism. When I broke up with my ex-boyfriend who I loved very much for two whole years (I think his photograph is still up on this blog somewhere?), I shut myself away in my room and watched episode after episode of "Friends" for three whole days, trying to make myself feel as though everything would be okay in the end. And it was.

(4) Read a book. Right now I am re-reading "Middlesex" by Jeffrey Eugenides, and that is about a hermaphrodite who is trying to cope in a world that is really not very open-minded about owning two sets of genitalia simultaneously. So you see, when I am absorbed in this story, my issues pale in comparison!

(5) Wear geek glasses and cuddle a toy unicorn on my giant futon, which incidentally happens to be a convenient segue into these photographs that my little sister Fern took for the blog! She's only thirteen and wicked cool, obviously...when I was thirteen I was still wearing denim-on-denim, and not in an ironic way. And, um, that last picture is just actually me looking really geeky. My teeth are slightly too large for my mouth...I made her laugh by doing lewd things to the unicorn, and then her laughing made me laugh. My bad.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

she's cheer captain and i'm on the bleachers

Hey party animals!

I have been feeling so weird lately! My life is just a confusing tangle of people and events.

I have been drinking a lot of wine and vodka which I love, have gone out to dinner a couple of times which was also lovely, have sent a million text messages on my super cute phone (Nokia E71's are the shit), have caught countless buses in the chilly night full of drunkards and drug addicts and tired public service commuters heading home while my night is only beginning. It's nice right now to think of all the fun times but I'm falling behind on my reading and writing for university, and the deadlines are fast approaching. Uh oh! Head down, bum up (as they say).

I am about to collapse of exhaustion today due to a particularly late night, but I can't until I have completed this stupid assignment! I will make a futile attempt to pamper myself during study time by eating organic peanut butter straight out of the jar and reading my textbooks in bed under a doona (as opposed to upright at my desk). It's the little things in life.

Also I promise to be a little more regular with the blogging...I'm such a slacker these days. Super slack. As in, I just had to rub jojoba oil through my hair to attempt to detangle the matted parts. It is wrong for a girl in the 21st century to have matted hair. And now my scalp feels as though it is on fire. Not my day, man!

Sunday, 7 March 2010

i don't want to be friends

I have lost my voice, for real! It's just not happening for me lately, friends.

So now I am stuck at home, and I'm not supposed to talk in case I make it worse. I've attempted to cheer myself up by watching episodes of "Skins," which I love. But then it was the episode where Tony got hit by the bus and he's all pale with blood coming out of his mouth lying in the street, and it just kind of made me upset.

Rolled out of bed and headed out to the Farmer's Market bright and early this morning to check out some fresh produce. My favourite bagel stand were fresh out of onion ones, which I have only recently discovered are the best thing ever, so I cut my losses and purchased some raisin ones instead.I always make sure I have an excellent breakfast, even if I am running late. It is my favourite meal of the day for sure.

I'm so excited right now because I'm seeing some special pals on Monday night to get a little bit wasted and enjoy each others company, which we haven't done for a long time as one of them went away to Holland to be with his girlfriend. And then they broke up and he came back into loving arms. Time to celebrate!

Today I will while away the hours doing my university readings in the public library with my Dad (who is doing his psychology degree), baking some vegetable muffins and attending a birthday party for my little cousin in the evening. I know alcohol is bad if your immune system is in Struggle Town, but surely a couple of wines can't hurt...and perhaps some brandy....?

Friday, 5 March 2010

got me looking so crazy right now

Hello my sweet bloggers,

Please find it in your hearts to forgive and forget if this post is delirious and a waste of time, as I am struggling by today on literally a single hour's sleep; last night I went out to the city with the intention of a nice dinner (at the same restaurant I always go to, FYI), some beans, a couple of noodles, and perhaps a bite of tofu with a certain man friend and twin brother.

Well. Well! The night mutated into something a lot larger and a whole lot more serious than a simple dinner. There was a lot of alcohol. And then there was a lot of dancing. And a little bit of sitting in a skate park at 3am listening to music streaming from a mobile phone, and then realising that my handbag had somehow made the journey to another suburb and I had to go fetch it and get my house keys.

And there was a criminally expensive cab fare of $109.

And then all of a sudden it was 5am and I was lying in bed with my phone resting on the side of my face, mumbling into it occasionally to my companion on the other end of the line, and then I heard snoring and realised that my conversation had well and truly died. So I fell asleep in my clothes. And when I woke up an hour later to get ready for work, I realised with slight horror that I was still in fact drunk. The shame. But totally worth it.

I suffered through eight hours of work today and became the laughing stock of the office because I have lost my voice (voice, if you can hear me, come back, I miss you okay? I didn't mean what I said!) and I sound a little how Lisa Simpson would probably sound if she sucked up a balloon full of helium. Twice.

And now I am cooking some delicious and nutritious mushroom soup to replenish myself and fend for my family. I am exhausted like you would not believe. Going to be weeping into my soup bowl, and will inevitably suffer hideous third degree burns to the face when I accidentally fall asleep face down in the bowl. Oh dear.

(Good story Jane, yeah, I'm fascinated, that's awesome!) (Oh wow, thanks guys, you are so sweet! I'm here all night!). Blah blah!

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

the district sleeps alone tonight after the bars turn out their lights

Hello darlings!

Well I am feeling much better about everything after an hour and a half of salsa dancing last night, and an hour of sweating at the gym after work today. Sadly, in spite of my well-intentioned exercise, I appear to have re-contracted my viral illness and I have a suspicion as to where I keep picking it up- the temporary administration assistant at my office was informed by her doctor that she had bronchitis, tonsillitis and the flu. A triple threat, people! In the same cubicle! I am fervently popping vitamins and minerals and chewing on vitamin c tablets like candy.

In other exciting (read: mundane) news, I think I am going to have to swap vodka Redbulls and dancing for chamomile tea and textbooks for the next thirteen weeks, as my university-by-correspondence has begun to...well, correspond. With me. The subjects look quite interesting though, especially nutrition. I love talking about food, even if sometimes actually eating it makes me nervous.

And look, I did a little something new with my rat's nest. So it looks a little dirty because I worked out at the gym prior to this picture being taken, I look a little tired from work and my fluorescent ceiling light is extremely unflattering, but I guess that's just how I roll! Do we like the blonde? Do I look like a woman of mystery in my red lipstick? Oh wow, my portable wardrobe looks like the Leaning Tower of Pisa. I should probably screw that loose wheel back in...

Okay, my lovely readers (all two of you!), I have to leave you for the moment. Some of us have study plans to write!