Friday, 5 March 2010

got me looking so crazy right now

Hello my sweet bloggers,

Please find it in your hearts to forgive and forget if this post is delirious and a waste of time, as I am struggling by today on literally a single hour's sleep; last night I went out to the city with the intention of a nice dinner (at the same restaurant I always go to, FYI), some beans, a couple of noodles, and perhaps a bite of tofu with a certain man friend and twin brother.

Well. Well! The night mutated into something a lot larger and a whole lot more serious than a simple dinner. There was a lot of alcohol. And then there was a lot of dancing. And a little bit of sitting in a skate park at 3am listening to music streaming from a mobile phone, and then realising that my handbag had somehow made the journey to another suburb and I had to go fetch it and get my house keys.

And there was a criminally expensive cab fare of $109.

And then all of a sudden it was 5am and I was lying in bed with my phone resting on the side of my face, mumbling into it occasionally to my companion on the other end of the line, and then I heard snoring and realised that my conversation had well and truly died. So I fell asleep in my clothes. And when I woke up an hour later to get ready for work, I realised with slight horror that I was still in fact drunk. The shame. But totally worth it.

I suffered through eight hours of work today and became the laughing stock of the office because I have lost my voice (voice, if you can hear me, come back, I miss you okay? I didn't mean what I said!) and I sound a little how Lisa Simpson would probably sound if she sucked up a balloon full of helium. Twice.

And now I am cooking some delicious and nutritious mushroom soup to replenish myself and fend for my family. I am exhausted like you would not believe. Going to be weeping into my soup bowl, and will inevitably suffer hideous third degree burns to the face when I accidentally fall asleep face down in the bowl. Oh dear.

(Good story Jane, yeah, I'm fascinated, that's awesome!) (Oh wow, thanks guys, you are so sweet! I'm here all night!). Blah blah!


jacki. said...

love your legs!
sounds like a fab night ;)
glad to see your "buckling down to focus on uni" is going as well as mine lol

Fifi said...

Buckling down is a lot harder than it sounds ;)

The Man from Amsterdam said...

God, 109 bucks for a cab is kind of over the top :P
However, I have done it too, so can't really say anything too much, also the 1 hour sleep. Your writing ain't bad for someone on that little sleep!

Fifi said...

Thanks :)

Maybe we reach new intellectual heights on so little sleep?