Monday, 22 March 2010

she'll bartend your party

Things were good for a little while and now they have become decidedly mediocre again. I hate it when things become ordinary, as opposed to exciting and hopeful. My coping strategies when things don't go how I planned is:

(1) Eat something small that I enjoy. Too much or too unhealthy just means that I panic about nutritional value, but just enough can take the edge off a bad day. Usually I resort to a glass of Milo with skim milk, or I like to have these little crackers with goats cheese on them, or just then I made a bit of porridge with sliced banana and rice milk. Or, you know, getting massively drunk and doing something embarrassing. Like how I semi hit on the (shall we say) slightly older bouncer at my favourite pub on the weekend, and now I can never return. Ever. Sorry, friends. I know it was our favourite haunt since we reached the legal drinking age, but we'll have to find somewhere else now!

(2) Read a lot of celebrity magazines and look at pictures on the internet to try and project myself away from my current situation and feelings. I am obsessed with magazines (voyeuristic tendencies here...perhaps that is why I have turned to blogging?) and can hunch over the kitchen table and read for hours.

(3) Watch my favourite DVD series for hours, again with the escapism. When I broke up with my ex-boyfriend who I loved very much for two whole years (I think his photograph is still up on this blog somewhere?), I shut myself away in my room and watched episode after episode of "Friends" for three whole days, trying to make myself feel as though everything would be okay in the end. And it was.

(4) Read a book. Right now I am re-reading "Middlesex" by Jeffrey Eugenides, and that is about a hermaphrodite who is trying to cope in a world that is really not very open-minded about owning two sets of genitalia simultaneously. So you see, when I am absorbed in this story, my issues pale in comparison!

(5) Wear geek glasses and cuddle a toy unicorn on my giant futon, which incidentally happens to be a convenient segue into these photographs that my little sister Fern took for the blog! She's only thirteen and wicked cool, obviously...when I was thirteen I was still wearing denim-on-denim, and not in an ironic way. And, um, that last picture is just actually me looking really geeky. My teeth are slightly too large for my mouth...I made her laugh by doing lewd things to the unicorn, and then her laughing made me laugh. My bad.


Margaret said...

love these :D cutest post ever!
thanks for the sweet comment - i think it *is* Sarah Stephens!! she's so gorgeous - must agree.

imane said...

love it !

cheeky girl

Taryn said...

thanks for following! I'm returning the favor :)
we do seem to be twins haha, I love this post these things definitely cheer me up too

Nanx said...

I like the pictures on your blog, so cute!

Diane said...

I quite enjoyed reading this; hopefully things will look up soon but you're already a couple of steps ahead by doing the things you like to keep other situations/feelings at bay (I, too, have a tendency to gravitate towards means of escapism...I don't know if it's a good or a bad thing). Anyways, you're wonderful and these photos are great. I do like the one of you smiling! Teef!

Fifi said...

Thanks lovelies :)

I'm sure I'll feel better soon. Just have to keep watching television and eating crackers!

Erika said...

I can relate to a lot of this. All I can say is things eventually pick up.

Isabel said...

Nice pics! I love the unicorn. :)