Sunday, 7 March 2010

i don't want to be friends

I have lost my voice, for real! It's just not happening for me lately, friends.

So now I am stuck at home, and I'm not supposed to talk in case I make it worse. I've attempted to cheer myself up by watching episodes of "Skins," which I love. But then it was the episode where Tony got hit by the bus and he's all pale with blood coming out of his mouth lying in the street, and it just kind of made me upset.

Rolled out of bed and headed out to the Farmer's Market bright and early this morning to check out some fresh produce. My favourite bagel stand were fresh out of onion ones, which I have only recently discovered are the best thing ever, so I cut my losses and purchased some raisin ones instead.I always make sure I have an excellent breakfast, even if I am running late. It is my favourite meal of the day for sure.

I'm so excited right now because I'm seeing some special pals on Monday night to get a little bit wasted and enjoy each others company, which we haven't done for a long time as one of them went away to Holland to be with his girlfriend. And then they broke up and he came back into loving arms. Time to celebrate!

Today I will while away the hours doing my university readings in the public library with my Dad (who is doing his psychology degree), baking some vegetable muffins and attending a birthday party for my little cousin in the evening. I know alcohol is bad if your immune system is in Struggle Town, but surely a couple of wines can't hurt...and perhaps some brandy....?


mckenziepaige said...

thanks for the comment!(:

adorable picture. i like the lipstick. it's cute.

annnd why would i hate your blog?! thank you very much for liking mine, because i like yours, too! we all have different opinions and styles, but i like it better that way(:

jacki. said...

yay so excited too :D
great pic.

Fifi said...

McKenzie: Thanks for the compliment!

Jacki: Yeeeah boi!!

Margaret said...

love this post!! you looks so sweet :)
love the blog
stop by some time! xx

Fifi said...

Thanks, I totally will :)

Isabel said...

So cute!! I never play around with makeup, but it looks like fun.

Diya said...

I love the little warrior princess effect created by the lipstick under your eyes. ;P

ps. if you have a minute please check out my blog:

Simes. said...

Loved the picture, great blog btw, check out ours whenever you want, we invite you to follow it.

Fifi said...

Thanks guys

I'll definitely check the blogs out for sure. I love recommendations!

S. Bernstein said...

I hope you feel better! and breakfast is definitely the best meal of the day, thanks for following my blog, I'm following yours too!