Thursday, 25 March 2010

gravitating towards a taste

I am exhausted and sick, again! This blog is becoming nothing more than a list of my various symptoms and illnesses, which is not exactly what I envisioned when I launched a blog. Sorry everyone! I'll pipe down about my need for sleep, the sudden clogging of my nostrils and perpetual dopey state due to a cloudy head. Too many cold and flu tablets perhaps?

I spent Tuesday night happily at dinner with some male companions (again at the favourite restaurant), had some tofu ramen, then headed to my favourite Irish pub. I threw back some vodka sodas, carelessly disregarding the telltale signs of an impending viral infection, and we went driving for a little while, and I landed myself in bed. The next morning I awoke, stumbled to the shower, got dressed, and decided somewhere between eating my morning bagel and taking my daily vitamins that I would not be going to work that day. So I went back to bed and slept, all day long.

I trudged to work today, and no-one wanted to come near me in case I was contagious, and then I came home and had a fight with my parents (I got a tad overly emotional and upset due to lack of sleep and general lack of wellbeing), and now I'm here, fuming and slightly sick to my stomach, in front of ye olde laptop.

Apologies for "nothing" entry and arrogant look in photographs. I think that's just how my face rolls.


M. and O. said...

nice post :)
i love this photos

Kisses from France

Fifi said...

Thanks very much :)