Sunday, 20 March 2011

it feels so empty without me

Why hello there,

I am back from a relaxing weekend at the beach with my boyfriend, his brother, and his cousin. Delightfully testosterone-filled, a lot of wrestling, beer, and barbequed meat. We even had a high-stakes poker game.

It was pretty much exactly what I needed. I love to swim in the ocean when I can, even though it was really grey, bleak weather and I was shivering before we even got in the water. And the ocean appeared to have vomited up every last sprig of seaweed just to deposit it on this particular beach. Seaweed really freaks me out, and when I got in the shower later that day I found little bits of it everywhere. Everywhere. Not a single orifice or body cavity was spared. That's right, I said orifice.

The following photographs are from Thursday night when I got my drink on with my friends (well, my sexy siblings and future sister-in-law...keeping it in the family). Pregamers at my house were ultra-fun, and I got happily sloppily drunk on vodka cranberries and smoked outside, but then I had a massive fight with a certain someone (the biggest fight we have ever had) as soon as we arrived in the city, so my night was unfortunately cut kind of short. I even drunkenly ran out onto the road and nearly got hit by a car! What a dickhead.

Anyway. We made up, didn't break up, had a happy time at the coast and now I am sitting here with my little dog on my lap (I think she missed her mama), eating some yoghurt and contemplating the mountain of homework I have due in the next week. Oh noes!

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