Friday, 4 March 2011

like it's her birthday

Hello pretties,

I am just hanging out at home with my hyperactive chihuahua Toto and my supercool third-degree sunburn (only on my legs! What the hell?). Why didn't anyone tell me that sunburn behind the knees is so painful? I might have thought twice about wearing my shorty-shorts on a farm excursion.

So right now I'm limping around, am going to make some lunch and a cup of chamomile tea, have a read  of my Biology textbook.

What I really want to do is put a little dress on, put on my new boots and get down and dirty. I mean, it is agony even to bend my knees right now but I'm sure a couple of vodka Redbulls would dull the pain. And dancing. Maybe I will bribe some friends to come out with me and get loose.

Moodwise, I feel pretty happy today. It's really nice and sunny, I'm seeing my man friend tonight (and we have just booked a holiday for Fiji in June, which I am looking forward to), wearing my zebra-print jumpsuit, and am going to put bright orange pieces through my hair- slightly immature, I know, but I don't really give a shit.

My camera is being so blurry and I have completely forgotten how to focus because I haven't used it in so long. I guess I will have to polish up my skillz.

Anyway, catch you later. I'm going to go chicken schnitzel it up for my lunch.


Alyssa said...

i LOVE your attitude.


Fifi said...

Thanks :D I'm a badass.

Margaret said...

loving that print :) x

Jo said...

hey jb -

love that you still blog. cool as ever :)

i blog now too, my regular one is or my travel edition is

i'll keep dropping in on this one - sad that i can't follow though.

xx lovely lady

Fifi said...


I am excited to see yours :)