Thursday, 24 September 2009

if you close the door

Trying to decide whether or not to hit the clubs tonight. I'm not feeling that great, but my new shoes could really go for an outing (or a hobble from a cab to a club, anyway). I suppose it would be nice to see my friends.

What do you think, Edie?


Anonymous said...

I think YES! had a good night eh Jane? can't wait to see you sober! your #1 fan, melon

jacki. said...

woohoo last night was saweet :D
i don't have any credit baby sorry.

Jane said...

Hey ladies.
How do I follow your bloggies? I'll probably figure it out.
Last night was fun!!

Dr Guru said...

such a good photo.... whos it of?

rachel said...

Alan Ginsberg!!!