Wednesday, 7 March 2012

if you walk away i'll walk away

Currently in the school library with my iPod plugged in, drinking plunger coffee out of my glittery thermos. I spent yesterday downloading podcasts about vegetarianism, reading food blogs, eating grapes and, eventually, the night took a turn as I sensed it would, and I got stuck into a bottle of wine.

So I kind of wasted yesterday, and now I am tired and a bit hungover today. Sleep eluded me last night.

My bf is making "devilled sausages" for dinner tonight. I have never had it before, but he is making me the vegie-sausage version. I could really use some mashed potato, actually.

Patti and Robert would have loved some mashed potato in their early days. Or any food, for that matter.

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Shanelé said...

very curious to hear what deviled sausages turn out like! Never heard of them! Enjoy!