Tuesday, 13 March 2012

you and me we were born to die

Hey reader/s!

Well, it looks like I am back in town. I just pissed off to the coast for a few days with my boyfriend and his brother, and it was pretty good. I love swimming in the ocean, and it felt good to lie back and drink a beer.

Unfortunately now I am back to the regular grind, which means I have to actually work on my school assignments. And wash my hair. Although I am quite tired today because I stayed up last night playing poker.

Currently obsessed with: chocolate gingers, Adele, honey popcorn, Diet Coke, Lana Del Rey, black boots, hair scarves, my boyfriend's socks, rainy weather, green tea, sleeping tablets, Angelina Jolie's right leg.


Rachel said...
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Rachel said...

I love hair scarves too! I think I might wear one today, thanks for reminding me how great they are. Your lipstick is super cute too.