Wednesday, 2 May 2012

i didn't steal your boyfriend

Hey guys,

I am having a totally crappy day.

I ran late for school this morning, my morning coffee was cold by the time I got to drinking it, I have really bad allergies today (in autumn! Go figure) so my eyes are all fucked up, and I have schoolwork coming out my ears that I haven't even looked at. Also, we are studying the reproductive system in Anatomy and I was admonished for giggling when she said "anus." And my boyfriend seems to be annoyed with me, but that could just be my neuroses talking.

It is totally miserable outside today and won't stop raining. I am going to make a big pot of pumpkin soup for dinner, eat lots of bread, put my massive wool socks on and read a book...sounds like the perfect remedy for a less-than-stellar day.

I hope you guys are feeling a bit better than me! x

Today I'm wearing: jumper- thrifted, jeans- Ksubi, shoes- Converse


Rachel said...

Ah, I love the slouchy-comfy feel of your outfit. And beat up chucks are the best.

Fifi said...

Thanks Rachel! And yes, they are :P