Monday, 15 February 2010

i'm your biggest fan i'll follow you until you love me

So, I apologise for being M.I.A on this blog for a while!

I have had a bit going on, mostly in the form of nights out on the town, moving house yet again (out of the apartment, back to the parents'!), disappointing some people, and contracting some sort of virus which confined me to my bed all of yesterday watching endless episodes of "Skins" and eating endless numbers of carrots. I really couldn't stomach anything else. And to make it worse, I'm eating a carrot right now as I'm typing this! I am seeing the doctor in a couple of hours.

I feel like my life is a bit of an epic fail at the moment (two steps forward, three steps backward!) but I have decided to uncharacteristically look at my situation optimistically and just trust that things will work out in my favour. Fingers crossed for me, fellow bloggers! I've got some stuff to sort out!

Also, P.S: I did a guest blogging spot over at Darling Darling, who I have a lot of blog-love for, so check it out if you fancy. They are just some photographs of my twin brother who reluctantly donned make-up and Doc Martens for me- ahh, sibling love!

Alright. I'm going back to bed to sweat out this sickness. I hope you're all impressed that I still managed to crawl over here and blog for you, like some kind of circus monkey! Just joking. I love you guys.


Dr Guru said...

What episode didja get up to?

Fifi said...

I finished both seasons. I've been resting for a long time!

Anonymous said...

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jacki. said...

poor sick jane!
how'd the move in go?
hang asap. you going out at all this week?

Fifi said...

The move was alright, still living out of boxes though!

I want to go out this weekend so bad! See how I feel :)

I miss you!

Anonymous said...

Cutest cutest blog ever!


The Haute Bitch said...

LOVE the bow.