Thursday, 18 February 2010

want to dance with no pants on

Hello babies!

This will only be a short blog entry as I have to go get ready, but I just wanted to say that I am in the best mood ever. Even though I worked really hard today in the office, I got a lot done, and I am making friends with my new workmates. We play tennis on Wednesdays.

Without further avail: it's time to have a shower, wash my hair with my favourite strawberry shampoo, slap some pretty make-up on, pick out a dress and get out of here! It feels like the night to kiss and cuddle my best friends in public, thrash around until 3am, consume potential litres of my favourite beverage (the ever-popular vodka Red Bull), inappropriately text people that I shouldn't, and go crazy.

....and then turn up at work bright and early tomorrow morning, smelling clean...this is why I hardly ever go out on Thursday nights!

Here is some socks-and-sandals action. These are some Doc Martens that my Mum gave me for my eighteenth birthday (all those years ago), which I absolutely love. I remember it was a really hot summer night and I insisted on wearing them with my floaty floral dress to my birthday party, even though they are winter shoes. She has really great taste. I kind of...don't.


jacki. said...

yay i love those shoes! i don't have any credit but do you want to do something on the weekend? call me x

Fifi said...

Yes sure :)

And get some phone credit you useless bum