Tuesday, 27 October 2009

i think we're superstars

Well. It has been a tumultuous few days...

(1) My (ex)baby got in a bad car accident. His car is destroyed like a tin can. I love him so much and haven't let him go since it happened- constantly by his side, bringing him breakfast/lunch/dinner (he can't walk properly right now), wearing his t-shirt, giving him medicine, cuddling him incessantly. Maybe I should have been tougher about it, but it was a really big fright and he's kind of injured.

(2) I'm moving out of home end of December! It's a really cute apartment. Roommates will include my old pal Jo, tattooed/chain-smoking landlord Emma and her relatively quiet boyfriend Jose (pronounced "Hoe-zay"). I'm very excited; it'll be mostly a girl house, so I'd expect some excessive wine consumption (at least on my part), outfit appraisals, sharing accessories and "Sex And The City" box sets instead of "Walker Texas Ranger" (which incidentally I find hilarious). And there won't be little shaved whiskers all over the bathroom sink! Also...the apartment has a balcony!! As listed in previous "things that I want" blog entry. Everything's coming up Fifi...

I'm so exhausted from the high of moving out plans and the low of the car accident. I think tonight will be spent in bed with my copy of "Frankenstein" by Mary Shelley (essay due soon), a cup of hot lemon water (cleansing for my tired skin), and maybe my faithful "Friends" DVD's.

I'm as fragile as fuck right now from worrying so much. And I miss him already!


Melon said...

EEE! Such news! ps can't wait for melbourne cup! xx

jacki. said...

omg i hope he's ok!
that is super shocking, i think about what i'd do if a similar thing happened and i'd be the exact same.
can't wait to see you :)
moving out is awesome

Isabel said...

That's really too bad! I like your polka dot bathrobe though.

Fifi said...

Mel- I've forgotten which day Melbourne Cup is!
Jacki- See you soon hoe!
Isabel- Thanks :) I wear it every day.

Anonymous said...

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