Tuesday, 3 November 2009

i'm on holidays

How I have begun my holidays:

(1) Went to a Halloween party where Kasha played and dressed up as a corpse bride with my buddies, a cat (Catwoman?) and a witch.

(2) Hung around with my ex-housemate Sam. Watched boarding-school girl movies, drank lime-infused beer, ate some popcorn, fell asleep.

(3) Spent a colossal five hours yesterday watching Season 2 of "Gossip Girl" on my tiny television.

(4) Purchased TWO magazines, costing me a total of: an out of control addiction which I need to learn to control before I move out in December, when money will be tight (hey guys, can I come over for dinner occasionally?).

(5) Went to the horse racing with the girls. Hot and sweaty but totally worth it to strut our stuff on the catwalk at the fashion parade.

Tomorrow I will wake up sweaty and flustered and tangled in my nightie, jump into Jo's car and sweat it out at the gym. Then, I will see my ex-baby, and perhaps we can eat some lunch. I still always look forward to seeing him. Sad?


jacki. said...

you girls are bitches! i write a nice big blog entry and neither of you comment on it, then afterwards i post a picture of brussels griffon and BOTh of you comment on it.you people sicken me. why do i bother? :P

Fifi said...

I actually just laughed out loud :)
I'm sorry, I do read the longer ones and really enjoy them...but the Brussels Griffon entry really NEEDED comment.

Melon said...

they were written on the same day! i thought it would be acceptable to leave one comment.
also i didn't get any credit for my hours of searching for the hilarious panda suit girl on the tokyo metro! nor my quip about the magnifying glass... i pretty much just write my blog so you guys can get a kick out of it!
today was fun :)