Sunday, 22 November 2009

lizard fever


My Sociology exam is first thing in the morning tomorrow and I am four chapters behind and I have had approximately five hours of sleep over the past two days, as well as working, and fuck!! I am going to eat so much almond nut spread tonight while I study, I just know it...damn it.

On the (comparatively small) upside, I have begun the process of learning to use my Canon SLR and I had my first driving lesson, so the ball is rolling on both a new hobby and a vital life skill. It's about time.

So. I am a bit fucked up now for a few reasons but I don't really feel like disclosing. Instead, I think I'll show you photographs that I took of some lizards in the Botanic Gardens. You can click on the pictures to enlarge, which is kind of cool because you can see their weird scales and ears. I don't know how to make the pictures big yet- can anyone help?

I had better hit the books again, even though my eyes are stinging from reading and all I want to do is sleep. What a mess.


Dr Guru said...

what lens did you use?

Fifi said...

It was the long distance one...


You like?

jacki. said...

god you really can see everything when they're enlarged. nice one!

Dr Guru said...