Tuesday, 10 November 2009

like a rat in a cage

It's going to be the new year in a couple of months. I will be twenty years old, and I want to start getting things sorted so I will be prepared for next year (whatever it brings). So, starting from today, I am going to:

  • Dispose of any junk clogging up my bedroom. I'm moving out soon and I can only fit the bare minimum in my new apartment. I will only keep the most basic of possessions: my bed, my desk, my computer, my best clothing and shoes, a select few books and magazines that I cannot bear to part with, my journal, my face cream, my handbag, my mobile phone, my favourite perfume, and only the most prized of my jewellry.
  • Strip back my wardrobe. Reduce it entirely. I want a capsule wardrobe, where every item matches with every other item, and I will like them all. Simplistic. Audrey Hepburn totally knows what I'm talking about.
  • Continue being pescetarian. I feel healthier and slimmer this way, and fresher. Meat is really heavy. It's so cheap ordering vegetables over steak at restaurants as well. Plus, I just kind of like the confusion surrounding the notion of being pescetarian. Adds some mystery.
  • Write this English essay, study for my Sociology exam, and finish what I started this semester. It would be weak to give up now, two-thirds of the way through.
  • Do whatever the fuck I want.


Melon said...

i thought that picture was YOU! I was freaking out thinking 'how did your hair get so long!?' i was completely unconcerned that you were holding bambi.
so excited that you are moving out, what a great op for reinvention.

jacki. said...

god i thought it was you too! And again, the hair was my first thought.

love audrey.

Fifi said...

I love how you guys weren't at all concerned that I would have been holding a baby deer, but concerned about the hair.

I'm getting it cut today!