Saturday, 14 November 2009

tastes just like cherry cola

Lately I have been:

(1) Watching the "Karate Kid" films. Ralph Macchio is off-the-planet gorgeous.

(2) Trying to save my money (which means eating a meagre portion of salad and an apple for lunch every day, which is okay by me anyway) for when I move out again/purchase a car/pay for driving lessons.

(3) Swallowing an entire handful of mixed-bag vitamins and minerals every morning, just for fun (Vitamin D? Why not! Spirulina? Sure! Garlic + Horseradish? Disgusting, but I'll take it!).

(4) Falling off the social radar entirely. Tried to make friends with this cat outside, but it freaked and ran as soon as I clicked the door open...later found out that this behaviour was due to the fact that my Dad had previously chased it out of the yard with a bottle of citrus spray for trying to hunt the pet guinea pigs. Okay.

(5) Drinking some beer.


jacki. said...

i love the sound of the minerals and meagre diet!

and the karate kid is the BEST
the background on our family computer is still mr miagi as tribute to the day he died. which was a long tiem

jacki. said...

also the book i was reading was the beach house by jane green.
she is the author of the chick lit who i leant you another book of, i think it was straight talking, that had the super obnoxious female lead and you despised it.
this one was good though :P

Melon said...

HAHAH! The cat story is so funny!
Whatcha doing tuesday?
I am also a vitamin junkie, the other day I took one of steve's CARTIA for his heart and 50+ centrums. Just to see if they put some spring in my step.

Fifi said...

Jacki: "People say I'm stunning, but I just want to be pretty" - female lead character in "Straight Talking."

Mel: You are NOT supposed to take Cartia tablets! They'll thin your blood right out! And do you mean you took upwards of 50 Centrum tablets?

Tuesday I will be sadly studying for my Sociology exam. Or going to Goulburn.

Anonymous said...

what size feet? mmmm pretty soles