Sunday, 27 December 2009

baby please come home

I hope everyone had a great Christmas!

In the family tradition, I ate way too much and fell asleep for a colossal four hours on Christmas Day before waking up groggily and eating some more pudding and brandy custard for late dinner. Totally awesome. Also super sweet to have my grandparents here.

Boxing Day was spent thankfully not working (quit my retail job, son!) and instead spent lounging around happily with my family. We migrated to a relative's house where there was an abundance of leftover food, biscuits, cake, coffee and wine, so we stayed for quite a while chatting and laughing. It was raining, and we were outside on their lovely big wooden deck where I had the best coffee of my life!...I just felt I had to tell someone about it.

Then Mitchell came over and we made ourselves sick on leftover trifle and custard, and watched "Dexter" episodes until midnight. Overall, I would say that the festive season has been a great success.

Also, stay tuned: the next phase of my life is about to begin- I'm moving out, for realz.

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jacki. said...

ahhhh new life plans. right there with you :)
2010 feels like it's gonna be a good year :)