Monday, 21 December 2009

i can't find the words to describe this girl without being disrespectful

I have been having all kinds of fun lately.

I've been working some crazy hours in the lead-up to Christmas, spending my super precious spare time with the most excellent people ever, going to some parties and eating some seafood dinners, and staying out way too late way too often. But I'm having fun and that's what counts...a can of Red Bull never hurt anyone. Except that guy who drank seven cans and died from a heart attack, but that's just kind of overdoing it.

These pictures are from Mitchell's party the other night...hello Jodie! Hello Florence! Hello bottle of tequila!! Well. It is well and truly time to party...when I'm just too tired to care, the only thing left to do is shots with strangers wearing a was a Mexican theme.