Thursday, 28 January 2010

i'll be your mirror

What's up homies? Well. I know from my blog entries it kind of seems like I'm an alcoholic bimbo, but that would be wrong. And also judgmental, you assholes! actuality I am working towards a university degree (by correspondence, as not to aggravate my social ineptitude on an actual campus, with other people). Am actually getting a little excited about university starting up again this semester, as it will give me something to think about in my spare time so I don't accidentally go insane.

Although I'm not studying any English literature classes this semester (which will feel a bit weird), I am definitely looking forward to studying Nutrition and Art History. Provided I can juggle two classes alongside full-time work and salsa dancing. Ooh, I want to learn French as well, and purchase those language CD's, and a little microphone to speak into...

Well. That was a little bit of a spiel. But it's cool for you guys to know that there is more to me, am not a life waster or anything like that. Alright. I'm going out to grab some noodles for dinner.


jacki. said...

cute photos. they do salsa at monkey bar on saturday nights :P
cya saturday :D

Diane said...
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Diane said...

Haha, I laughed at "am not a life waster or anything." Actually, I laughed at this entire post. With you, not at you, dearest.

And what, you salsa dance?! That's crazy cool.

Is it weird that every time I read one of your posts, I have the sudden urge to want to hang out with you?

Am I creeping you out, yet??

Clara said...

omg! i love your boots!

Fifi said...

No Diane!! I want to hang with you as well when I read your posts!

I don't salsa dance yet, but I sure will ;)

C.M said...

I really love your blog!