Wednesday, 13 January 2010

i'm not a real doctor but i am a real worm

I figure that the celebrations and general looseness of the festive season can be reasonably extended until the end of January, when it is my birthday, because there is really no point in celebrating the new year and then only have a couple of weeks gap before the next celebration. Useless. So, until the beginning of February, I have decided that I am allowed indulge in my vices, which may or may not include:

(1) Drinking a lot of wine and getting quietly tiddly by myself in the corner until I eventually fall asleep and wake up with the driest mouth on Earth.

(2) Purposely getting hyped up on chocolate coated coffee beans and cans of Redbull before being disappointed when I can't sleep very well, and then waking up with my heart still racing.

(3) Spending all my dollars on clothing that I love but can never really bring myself to wear because they are too beautiful and delicate and unique and imagine if some asshole carelessly spilled a raspberry vodka down the front of that extremely lovely extremely expensive beige dress? Just no.

- Eating a single egg for dinner because I just got home from work and I have no groceries except for a crinkly old carrot in the fridge that I should really have thrown out a week ago but it's the only vegetable on my shelf so it's staying there for aesthetic reasons.


jacki. said...

great shoes. ohhh god love your wardrobe.
her house isn't in the middle of no where it's in oconnor which is right next to civic lol.
deans invited to so maybe scab a lift off him? would be sweet to see you :)

Fifi said...

I think I may have to make an appearance in that case :)

Isabel said...

Oooh, your shoes are just gorgeous! Good luck with that caffeine addiction, girl.

WendyB said...

Go ahead and wear the special clothes. You only live once.

Fifi said...

Thanks Isabel! and Wendy, I know you're right. I'm going out tonight so maybe I'll wear a special dress.