Sunday, 3 January 2010

you were not the same after that

Why hello there, pretty lace shirt! I must have spent a couple hundred dollars today on clothes, shoes and perfume...mighty fucking indulgent. I had better cut back because soon I will have no money left for necessities such as food, rent or university textbooks. I forget that I don't have a trust fund sometimes.


jacki. said...

omg great shirt! i'm so poor i could die. maybe i'll just rob your house.

Fifi said...

Hahah you won't find much that's worth re-selling :)

Gotta see you soon hoe!

jacki. said...

yeah but at least i could re-stock my wardrobe :P
i'm drowning in free time at the moment, cause i don't have work for weeks, so message me anytime :) i wanna see your new house!

jacki. said...

hey! you started your new job today didn't you? how'd it go??

Isabel said...

Ahhh! I always want to spend money on clothes but end up feeling bad.

Fifi said...

I wish I were as thrifty as you, Isabel. Trust me.

fayeee said...

THankyou for the nice comment, yeah my blog is pretty random :) but I like it like that. That top is gorgeous and love the whole "attempted innocence" to it, and your very pretty!
LOve for us to follow and be friends :)
lots of bloggin love'