Sunday, 1 April 2012

scary face

I am SO hungover. Goals for today include:

(1) Eating my muesli without regurgitating it later. I think the key here is to take it slow

(2) Create a variety of interesting playlists on iTunes for times such as "doing the dishes" or "can't sleep again" or "washing the dog"

(3) Drink a green smoothie with kale in it. Without regurgitating it later

(4) Try not to be rude to my boyfriend or my dog just because I poisoned myself with alcomahol last night and I feel sick. Trying to refrain from being an asshole is HARD


Shanelé said...

omg...This was me yesterday...and i think I'm still hungover today. What is wrong with me? Is this just how it is when you get older? Ugh. Just letting you know we're in it together today=) Feel better!


Fifi said...

Haha thankyou

I can't handle alcohol anymore!!!