Monday, 16 April 2012

hold me

Hey, all-my-readers!

Just a quick outfit post today, as I have spent the last couple of days watching DVD's in my underwear (hey- it's the holidays), eating corn nuts by the bag and sleeping, so there's not too much to report (although I did have a really fun time last night catching up with friends and eating my body weight in pizza at a pub).

So basically life's pretty good right now (although my ASOS order could hurry the shit up already. I want my green corduroy shorts!). Spending today hanging out with my boyfriend, who has taken the day off work to be with me. Except I am on the laptop. Whoops.

What I'm wearing today: yellow DM's, thrifted dress, random socks I found on my floor. STYLIN'!


Melon said...

Hey Jang, just been catching up on your blog, love the pictures and rants on the state of the world today. Glad to see you are well :)

Fifi said...


I hope you are well too :)So nice to hear from you, and that you can still check out my blog sometimes


sahar said...


Brittany said...

Those shoes. THOSE SHOES.

Sweet Indigo Road said...

love the yellow docs! also, that dress is awesome :)