Thursday, 12 April 2012

you're my world


So I am on holidays for a couple of weeks! My big plans include working on my school projects (lame), catching up on sleep, eating as much as humanly possible, and perhaps I will even make an appearance at the gym. Perhaps. Don't hold your breath.

Today involved going to school, eating a banana, reading a little, and taking a shower. Maybe I will even have a nap. Then I am heading out to the city to go see Bleeding Knees Club play- should be good! I will be the one dressed like Monica from classic nineties television program "Friends." At the moment I am not listening to Bleeding Knees Club though. I am listening to old-school Justin Timberlake, post-Britney but pre-acting career. It's rad.

I cannot stop eating today. Maybe I have worms.

Yesterday's outfit: skirt- ASOS, jumper- second hand, legs- ALL MY OWN.

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Constance said...

This skirt is amazing!