Sunday, 18 April 2010

i really miss what really did exist when i held your throat so tight

Hey y'all,

Sorry I've been M.I.A for a while. I have a lot on my plate right now. And also, I've just been super slack. And our internet went over its download limit, and we couldn't have internet for eight days, but I am using it now, and I'm not actually sure if the eight days is over yet. Oh well. Excuse time over! OVA!

Things that have been going down:

(1) A potential new place to call home. I have inspected the property, I liked it, they liked me, and now they just have to check out references and compare me to other potential tenants. I will know for sure whether I'm in on Wednesday. Fingers crossed for me. It is a tiny little garden flat in someone's backyard for a ludicrous price, but I have decided that I want to live alone. And so it will be my own little (emphasis on "little") bachelor pad, and I can get silly on wine and watch "Sex And The City" in my underwear without being judged. And then maybe fall over, crack my head on the kitchen counter and slowly bleed to death until somebody finds my decaying body a week later, because I will have no housemate to find me prior to that.

(2) I have met someone new, who I think is quite nice. My love life has been a little all over the place lately, and as a result I have come out kind of sketchy and weird, but I think this could be good. I will say more when I know more. What I will say is that we sneaked a bottle of wine into a cinema and got progressively drunk in public watching "Kick-Ass" together, which was amazing. Even more so when there were two of every character.

(3) The weirdest but simultaneously most awesome house party that I have ever been to. There was a DJ, strobe lights and an awesome sound system. They were filming some kind of anti-drug advertisement, so we were kind of encouraged to get super trashed (they supplied an icy bathtub full of alcohol) and dance like crazy. But also we were being directed, so this guy was like "DANCE! You're on ECSTASY!" and we all had to jump and shit. Really surreal. And there were people having sex in the bathroom, and passed out in the lounge room, and running around outside in a park. A couple of us ended up on the floor tripping out, watching the strobe lights through our fingers to the sweet strains of "Kids" by MGMT. Blew my mind.

(4) No university work whatsoever. I feel bad for neglecting it, but my new job is extremely stressful and when I get home I just want to go to bed straight away, or go out and see my friends and just forget it all. I really need to do something, but dusting off the textbook and starting to read is the hardest step.


Margaret said...

(1) exciting :D
(2) nawww hope that goes wonderfully for you!
(3) looks like a ridiculous amount of fun :)
(4) haha i think we can all agree to that one


Fifi said...

Thank you lovely :)

rachel said...

That house party sounds like so much fun!!! That new home sounds beautiful, and I hope that your love life becomes especially lovely :)

Fifi said...

Thanks Rachel :) You're sweet!

S. Bernstein said...

sounds like a bizarre party indeed haha good luck with the flat and your new love interest!

Fifi said...


It's going to be a miracle if I manage to land both