Tuesday, 20 April 2010

standing in the way of control

Hey friends and lovers and internet paedophiles (I'm too old now, suckers!),

Overall, I think I like the way 2010 has launched itself for me. I hope everyone else is feeling good about it too. I mean, there are good parts and bad parts of course, but I have developed a better attitude about it all.

I find out whether I get my little granny flat tomorrow (I would be the best tenant they ever had!). And I have a dinner date with someone adorable and lovely to look forward to, who just called me "pretty girl" in a text message. And I passed reverse parallel parking in my driving lessons!

So see, really, things are okay. The vodka helps. And black nail polish. And sugar free Red Bull. And nice people to kiss. And friends that you can call up whenever you feel like it, who will give you good advice without judgement. And sparkly shoes. And tofu pumpkin pie in the fridge.

Over and out. Sorry about the weird entry, I am about to collapse from exhaustion, and I'm on a different computer because my lovely grandparents are staying in my bedroom. So, yeah. Bruised legs and feet below for your viewing pleasure!


rachel said...

This was such a lovely post :) I hope that you can get your apartment!!! It sounds so amazing!

Taryn said...

Love those shoes! good luck getting your flat, that's super exciting

Leah said...

fierce shoes =) and good luck!!