Friday, 9 April 2010

mad as hell and usually drunk but i love her like no other

 Hello darlings,

We have made it to Friday! High fives all round! I am feeling so good right now. My mood goes up and down like a rollercoaster but I really do adore the highs. Lately my life consists of working a lot of overtime in my insurance job (it's dark in the morning when I arrive and it's dark when I leave in the evening!), partying as much as I humanly can, hanging at my twin brother's slightly grimy share house, reading a lot of fashion magazines, not doing much of my university reading, drinking a lot of green tea and taking eight vitamin pills a day just to stay alive.

In other frivolous news, I have also been enjoying playing around painting my nails (at the moment they are a pale shell pink), wearing extremely smudgy eyeliner on purpose, teasing my hair, baking with my Mum on the weekends, eating healthily (lots of vegetables, water, plain yoghurt, fruit and bran) and wearing thick woolly legwarmers with my tight office dresses and heels. My shins get cold, alright?

Tonight I am heading out with my male buddies exclusively, as I have become their wing woman of sorts. I won't complain because they are super fun company, I can be as crude as I like, and they happily share their clothes/illicit substances/food/alcohol/advice/jokes. They are picking me up in about an hour- for now I'm listening to old "Kings of Leon" songs that bring back bad ass memories and gnawing on a piece of Parmesan cheese. It's going to be a good night.

Here are some photographs from a couple of nights ago. What's up, abnormally large naked gap between my eyebrows in the last picture? How you doin'?


Diane said...

How'd you know I wanted to marry you?

We're going to have to meet one day, don't know when, don't know how, but one day...we will hang.

Fifi said...

We have to!

I mean, how will the wedding happen if we don't meet up somewhere...somehow...


Please may I??... A toke that is! Sharing is caring! ha

Yours truly


Fifi said...

Haha sure you can, just drop by Australia we can share one