Thursday, 29 April 2010

we sure are cute for two ugly people

Hey babies,

So I didn't get the garden flat. SAD TIMES!! as it was really cute and almost perfect for me, but I have been forced to hold my chin up in this situation and soldier on, as neither my colleagues, family or friends will tolerate my complaining. I emailed some girls renting out a share flat and I'm meeting them tomorrow, so hopefully they will turn out to be completely awesome and we will fall in deep flatmate-love and I will have somewhere to live.

Tonight I am heading out to my favourite pub in the city as I have important secret business to attend to (this secret business has absolutely nothing to do with this blog, so I really don't know why I am censoring myself). As it is an important...thing, I will be wearing my skin-tight fondly nicknamed "Lady Gaga" dress (unfortunately people in my town aren't very experimental with fashion, so anything variating from a singlet and jeans is both shocking and offensive to the majority of the population). It is grey and black with shoulder pads, panels on the torso and a zipper down the front somewhat like a wetsuit. I will be teaming this with black liquid-look leggings. I may or may not stand out in the beer garden.

In other news, I attended another awesome house party that lasted three days (with the same crew as last time). We trashed the place, and then had to grumpily clean it up after. As there were hunger-inducing substances involved, naturally we ate our way through enough food to create two garbage bags-full of rubbish. And naturally, I jumped into someone's backyard pool, in my underwear, in the first few days of a freezing Canberra winter. Hello hypothermia! I stayed in there for a good fifteen minutes, convinced my buddies that it was a good idea, and spent the rest of the night swathed in other people's hooded jumpers, track pants and beanies. I left my clothes outside in the rain overnight. Epic fail.

These photographs from the Fully Sick House Party are all shitty because they're from someone's iPhone. I just always worry that my expensive camera with get trodden on, stolen, burnt or thrown in a pool. I don't really know if you guys are interested in photographs of my parties and stuff that aren't really "good" photos, but I like to have them here as a record for myself. So yeah- suck on the crapness!


Taryn said...

Sounds like a seriously awesome time! Your dress sounds fab, I can totally picture the wetsuit-y details

Erika said...

i was about to email you and then i realized i don't even have your email address so you should send it to me:

Fifi said...

Hey Erika

I senchu an email.


Anonymous said...

I think you may want to get a twitter icon to your blog. Just marked down the article, although I had to do this manually. Simply my 2 cents.